Eagle Regression
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Welcome the Eagle regression suite of Starfireonline. Our system has 100s of canned tests to ensure the basic functionality of your Eagle system. Our web GUI allows you to customize each each and add more for your specific client changes. Our scripts clena up old test today to allow each test to be rerun any number of times. Please contact us for more information and details on this system.

  • End to End
  • Verify a single trade for a derivative or 1000's of transactions
  • test all reference data (securities, pricing, factors, funds, ...)
  • Create your own test case
  • Cleanup at end of test to allow retesting
  • Automated execution and verification
  • Integrates into Message center and Pace uploaders
  •   Testing is required after every Eagle upgrade, Hardware change, Software OS or database change. These happen monthly and put your company at risk. An extensive regression test that can executed using a couple people hours is a necessity in today's systems climate.

    Don't put your operations at risk and expense of manually verifying each change.

    Chose an automated testing system that ensures your operations. System downtime is not an option.